AI in enterprise:

Are agents and customers on board or jumping ship?

Exclusive research and brand new insights directly from 500 contact centre agents and 1000 customers

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The top 2 things that agents value more than pay
  • The top things that frustrate agents and customers most and how to resolve them
  • How agents and customers feel about the coming of AI in the contact centre
  • Top use cases for AI in customer service
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About this webinar

Join us as we explore contact centre agent and customer opinions of AI, their top challenges and the key to successful customer service.

This webinar will help any contact centre leader not only identify key agent and customer paint points, but you’ll also learn some examples of how to solve them.

With the inevitable coming of AI, you’d be forgiven for thinking that contact centre agents are concerned about the impact of AI on their jobs. But when was the last time you heard from the agents themselves? What about customers? Do they really want to speak to someone or just get their problem solved?

In this exclusive webinar, we turn the spotlight on agents and customers, presenting exclusive research that uncovers what truly matters for delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

You’ll also learn:

  • What agents and customers believe are the critical success factors in customer satisfaction
  • What are the biggest customer frustrations when dealing with call centers
  • Whether contact centres are performing against the things that agents value most
  • Which industries have agents with the greatest willingness to utilise agents assist AI tools

Why Attend?

This webinar is a goldmine for contact centre managers, industry stakeholders, and businesses keen on refining their customer service strategies. Gain firsthand insights from the agents themselves and craft a path forward that aligns with both agent welfare and exceptional customer service.


  • Mike Farrell, President & Chief Strategist at Farrell Insight
  • Michael Kropidlowski, SVP Global Marketing, Kore.ai
  • Kane Simms, CEO and Founder, VUX World

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