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Voice and conversational AI services

We’ll guide you past the hype and find the true value of voice and conversational AI for your business.

From strategic consulting, to design and implementation of conversational AI solutions.


Finding alignment between the business, user and technology, so that we build the right thing.


Crafting compelling conversations through role play, writing, prototyping and testing.


Coding, integrating and building your solution. We’re tech agnostic and choose the right tools for each job.


Monitoring and analysing conversations. Iterating, improving and implementing new use cases.

Unilever and Ogilvy

We designed three conversations with Ogilvy and Unilever for a Google Action to celebrate International Day of the Girl. The action simulated a conversation with a voice assistant and helped parents recognise the signs of low self esteem in their children.

What we did

  • Design strategy
  • Conversation design
  • Conversation architecture
  • Prototype build and testing
  • Technical consultation

He is someone that really gets it on a broad scale. The level of education he has on voice across the board is tremendous. Someone asked me ‘do you know anyone in voice who knows about all the technology?’ and Kane was the first person that came to mind.

Kerri Roberts, Brand Strategist


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“One of the most consistently insightful, deeply respected podcasts in the voice tech / conversational AI space”

Bradley Metrock, Score Publishing

Chuong Nguyen and Carolyn Reed voice design at Comcast
Voice design at Comcast, with Chuong Nguyen and Carolyn Reed 1800 1200 Kane Simms
Voice design at Comcast, with Chuong Nguyen and Carolyn Reed
Talking conversation design with Maaike Greonewege
Talking conversation design with Maaike Groenewege 1800 1200 Kane Simms
Talking conversation design with Maaike Groenewege
enterprise ai strategy with davide petramala avaya on vux world
Avaya on enterprise AI strategy, with Davide Petramala 1800 1200 Kane Simms
Avaya on enterprise AI strategy, with Davide Petramala


“A treasure trove of in-depth industry insights.”

Dasha Fomin, Just AI


Learn how to design and implement conversational AI with weekly insights, podcasts, live events and articles.


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