CSAT and NPS are dead. Good Riddance. With Richard Smullen

CSAT and NPS are dead. Good Riddance. With Richard Smullen 1800 1200 Rebecca Christie

Richard Smullen is the CEO of Pypestream, an AI automation platform making waves with its approach to design and operationalising conversational experiences.

Tune in to find out why CSAT and NPS are dead, why happiness should be your true north KPI, the future of the contact centre and what we’ll do with all the jobless call centre workers **grits teeth**. Learn the 4 missing pieces of your AI strategy and why you’re struggling to fill them.

Myself and Richard share so many similar perspectives on how to do AI right in the enterprise. This will be a bone shattering journey of cognitive dissonance if you’re not open to change. Be open. Dive in.1


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
01:58 Welcome Richard
06:08 The impact of ChatGPT
11:08 Is ir trivial to build a LLM?
20:38 Gen AI hype
26:10 Principles examples
34:32 The siri update
37:40 Will contact centres always be needed?
43:13 Client goals
50:35 Changing business plans
57:18 Technology landscape
1:03:00 Business impact from LLMS
1:07:45 Outro
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