The role of AI in music with SoundCloud’s Hazel Savage

The role of AI in music with SoundCloud’s Hazel Savage 1600 1200 Kane Simms

Hazel joins us to discuss the role of AI in music, the opportunities, challenges and future.

Hazel Savage is the VP Music Intelligence at SoundCloud and the founder of Musiio; a tech company using AI to make music easier to catalogue and find.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and UNPARSED conference (Find out more at https://unparsedconf.com)
03:38 Welcome Hazel
10:05 Audio fingerprinting
12:40 The idea behind Musiio
16:20 Music streaming
20:05 Different music services
22:45 Discovering new music on soundcloud
26:10 What audio fingerprint is used for
29:00 Background tagging
34:20 Journalistic content
42:05 Image generation models
45:25 Independent music
49:43 The value of music
54:25 Writing prompts for music
59:20 Outro

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