Buy vs build

An end-to-end guide to help you determine whether you should buy or build your conversational AI solutions.

In this guide, you’ll find answers to one of the hardest questions in conversational automation and transformation: how should I approach implementing it in my organisation?

About the guide

When you begin to formulate your customer experience and conversational automation strategy, you have a decision to make. Should you buy your conversational AI capabilities off-the-shelf? Or should you build them from the ground-up? Are those the only options, or is there something in-between?

Should you outsource the whole thing, keep it in-house or is there another option? What are the pros and cons of all the above approaches? And what’s the best approach for you?

This guide has been created to answer the above questions and help business decision makers formulate their conversational automation strategies effectively.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • A description of 6 approaches to implementing conversational AI
  • 7 key considerations that are crucial to making the right decision
  • An analysis of how each approach scores against each of the 7 key considerations
  • Unique considerations for each approach
  • A framework to help you decide which approach is right for you

There are no right or wrongs. There are only benefits and trade offs that are entirely dependant on your business environment, your vision, drivers, strategy, people, culture and budgets. So here we go…