Traversing the uncanny valley with Falene McKenna

Traversing the uncanny valley with Falene McKenna 1920 1080 Kane Simms

Falene McKenna is arguably the most charismatic member of the conversation design community.

Falene has wealth of experience in conversation design particularly as it pertains to robots!

Falene join me to share lessons learned in designing conversations for robots and specifically about the uncanny valley: what it is, why it matters and whether we can or should cross it.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Welcome Falene McKenna
07:10 What is Lingua Robotica?
10:32 Design Approach
14:55 Trustworthy robots
18:14 What is the uncanny valley?
27:57 Digital Human V Meta Human
35:25 Engaging with chat bots
42:02 Should we attempt to cross uncanny valley?
51:57 Should we be upfront robots?
58:06 Robot on the uncanny valley
1:03:45 Outro

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