We bring together industry experts, practitioners, and providers to delve deep into the latest conversational AI topics and trends. Unlock the Power of Conversational AI: watch exclusive VUX World webinars covering NLU, LLMs, voice, and messaging, among other topics. Put your kettle on and learn with us.


Join us as we explore contact centre agent and customer opinions of AI, their top challenges and the key to successful customer service.

This webinar will help any contact centre leader not only identify key agent and customer paint points, but you’ll also learn some examples of how to solve them.


New research: Enterprise AI adoption: Guiding stars for contact centre leaders

Exclusive research and brand new insights directly from contact centre agents and customers on the coming of AI and recipes for next-gen CX.

The Voice AI Era: The future of conversational agents

Discover the extraordinary potential of integrating cutting-edge automatic speech recognition, advanced human-like speech synthesis, and the deep language understanding of LLMs.

It takes two to tango: Zoom’s recipe for sky-rocketing customer satisfaction

This exclusive VUX World webinar will dive into the Zoom toolkit for customer experience automation.

Healthcare Reimagined: Unleashing the Potential of AI

This exclusive VUX World webinar will delve into the transformative power of conversational AI in healthcare. 

Generative AI in Production: LOOP’s Success Story

Hear directly from Loop Car Insurance, telling a rare tale of how it took a generative AI chatbot from idea to production.

Expecto Patronum: Summoning Stellar Results from Advanced Chatbot Analytics

Expecto Patronum: Summoning Stellar Results From Advanced AI Bot Analytics Join this spellbinding journey to uncover the framework necessary to transform ordinary conversational AI bots into extraordinary mission-critical digital companions. Within these walls, you will learn: Why you need a repeatable bot management process. Strategies for unearthing your chatbot’s richest realms of enhancement. How to [...]

Beyond the Basics: A Masterclass on Integrating LLMs and NLU Systems

Already have a chatbot and wondering how you can squeeze more value out of it? Hearing the hype about large language models (LLMs) and wondering what all the fuss is about? Investigating how you can get the most out of LLMs or how you can utilise them in your automation strategy? Then look no further than this webinar.

Inside Cigna & Express Scripts: Secrets to Successful Large-Scale Conversational AI

Express Scripts, part of The Cigna Group, is one of the largest companies in the USA and is deploying conversational AI at a scale you wouldn’t believe. 

Reaching up to 4,500 concurrent conversations across voice, text and chat means you need to have your people, processes and tools in order. 

Into the black hole: Revealing the metrics that matter for measuring chatbot performance

Into the black hole The metrics that matter for measuring chatbot performance Chatbots are table-stakes for businesses today. But how do you know if yours is any good? Most throw their chatbot's data into a black hole, never to be seen again. Instead, join us as we venture past the event horizon and reveal the [...]

ChatGPT and the Future of Intelligent Automation, Today

REPLAY: Better Together: The Future of Intelligent Automation, Today ... with the Kore AI XO Platform and Large Language Models ChatGPT and LLMs are hot on everyone's lips. But what's the value for your business? Join us as we demystify this hype and dive deep into the practical applications of this incredible technology. In this [...]

Conversational commerce: How AI-powered digital workers can boost sales

Conversational commerce: How AI-powered digital workers can boost sales Go beyond AI for customer service and learn how conversational commerce can boost leads, conversions and revenue is this exclusive VUX World webinar. Presented by About the webinar So much of what we hear is about AI being used for cost reduction and business efficiency gains. [...]

How Nova KBM Bank’s chatbot significantly boosted NPS scores

Aleksandra Brdar Turk, Nova KBM, shares a case study on how conversational AI helped boost NPS scores for Slovenia’s market-leading bank.


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