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How to increase customer satisfaction with an award-winning AI-enhanced debt recovery

AI Assistants can revolutionise tightly-regulated industries such as debt recovery.

While there’s still a need to provide nuanced advice to vulnerable customers, there are many who just want their debts paid off, and AI Assistants are there to help them do that!

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The results achieved with AI-assisted debt recovery.
  • Which issues debt recoverers aimed to overcome with AI.
  • How AI increased customer satisfaction, even with less live agents.
  • How conversational analytics help with debt recovery.
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About this webinar

The debt recovery industry faces many simultaneous challenges; they must work within strict regulations, they struggle to retain live agents, and every day, they receive calls from people who want to discuss their debts.

So, how did debt collectors improve their customer experience with AI? Come along to find out how the main use cases were streamlined, customer satisfaction increased, and live agents were freed up to deal with the callers who had complex needs, or were in a vulnerable position.

Why attend?

We will be joined by one of the UK’s leading debt collection agencies to tell the story of how they used AI to their advantage by implementing an award-winning AI assistant to handle initial communication with debtors.

Who is it for?

This session is designed for professionals involved in debt collection at scale who want to explore how AI could improve their processes and increase customer satisfaction.


May 1st, 4pm BST


  • Kieran Norton, Tech Support Engineer
  • Kane Simms, CEO and Founder, VUX World
  • Ben McCulloch, Conversation Designer, VUX World

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