Inside Cigna & Express Scripts:

Secrets to Successful Large-Scale Conversational AI

Express Scripts, part of The Cigna Group, is one of the largest companies in the USA and is deploying conversational AI at a scale you wouldn’t believe. 

Reaching up to 4,500 concurrent conversations across voice, text and chat means you need to have your people, processes and tools in order. 

In this webinar, we’ll be charting the Cigna/Express Scripts journey through conversational automation and plucking out the key success factors in scaling an AI operation, including:

  • How to deliver a crucial business use case in just 2 weeks!
  • Cigna’s business-driven delivery process
  • How to organise resources to deliver at scale
  • Galvanising stakeholders and business support
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You will also discover:

  • Best practice for multi-bot orchestration
  • The roadmap to voice automation
  • Best practice for designing voice experiences 
  • Measuring success at scale
  • Why building your own models doesn’t make sense
  • How conversational AI can reduce cost per interaction
  • The complexities of email and voice automation
  • The value of starting with IVR routing
  • Distilling data at scale to improve performance

Who’s it for?

Contact centre and customer experience leaders, as well as senior IT, technology and operations managers who’re working on (or exploring) the future of AI automation.


  • Michael Di Troia, Head of Conversational AI, Express Scripts
  • Rachel Dzyak, Director of Voice & Workspace, Cigna
  • Kane Simms, CEO, VUX World

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