Into the black hole

The metrics that matter for measuring chatbot performance

Chatbots are table-stakes for businesses today. But how do you know if yours is any good? Most throw their chatbot’s data into a black hole, never to be seen again. Instead, join us as we venture past the event horizon and reveal the secrets to measuring and improving your chatbot performance once and for all.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The must have metrics for measuring chatbot performance
  • How to set up analytics to measure these key metrics
  • How to benchmark yourself with others in your industry
  • The fallacy of typical CX metrics, like NPS
  • Standards for chatbot analytics
Into the black hole: Revealing the metrics that matter for measuring chatbot performance - VUX World and Wysdom AI webinar
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About the webinar

So many companies launch a chatbot with zero idea about how to measure its success. They go live and send the lifeblood of their conversational AI application; the data; into a black hole. Unused, unloved. Gone forever.

Imagine if you did that with a human. Just throw them into conversations with customers without any way of knowing whether they’re doing a good job.

Even those that are trying to measure the success of their chatbots get stuck. What should you measure? What metrics matter? And how should you set yourself up for success?

That’s what we’ll teach you in this webinar.

Who’s it for?

Conversation designers, AI trainers and developers trying to understand how to utilise data to improve chatbot performance, as well as Product Owners and Managers needing to report results to business stakeholders.


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Ian Collins, CEO, Wysdom AI
Ian Collins

CEO, Wysdom AI

Jay Athia, Sr. Director Customer Success, Wysdom AI
Jay Athia

Sr. Director, Wysdom AI

Kane Simms, CEO, VUX World
Kane Simms

CEO, VUX World