Generative AI in production:

LOOP’S success story

Hear directly from LOOP Car Insurance, telling a rare tale of how it took a generative AI chatbot from idea to production.

In this 60 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify a winning use case for generative AI
  • The tools and techniques required to make it happen
  • Prompt engineering tips for safe and secure deployments
  • How to prevent hallucinations and control large language model outputs
  • Practical business impact and outcomes you can expect
  • And much, much more!


February 15th
9am PT, 12pm EST, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET

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About this webinar

Someone told me recently that generative AI in production in the enterprise is like high school sex: everyone’s talking about it; everyone thinks that everyone else is doing it, but nobody really is… Until now.

There are many naysayers of generative AI that argue for never putting a generative AI chatbot in front of customers. What if it hallucinates and gives inaccurate information? What if it ends up like the Chrysler chatbot and becomes an internet meme (for the wrong reasons)? 

What if you could have a generative AI chatbot that understands your users far better than traditional NLU-based chatbots? What if you could use generative AI and guide it into providing the right answers for customers? What if you could control it to a degree that it doesn’t hallucinate and make things up? What if it was immune to prompt injections and hacking?

Well, this is pretty much what Loop car insurance has accomplished with its chatbot. And this is the topic of our next webinar. 

We’ll hear from Kat Garcia, Director of Member Services at LOOP Car Insurance, and Mike Myer, CEO, Quiq, on the use cases, approach and business value this gen AI assistant is providing.

Why Attend?

If you’re interested in both the practical lessons in designing and building a production-grade generative AI chatbot, as well as the potential business benefits you can see from doing so, then join us as we reveal all.


  • Kat Garcia, Director of Member Services at LOOP Car Insurance
  • Mike Myer, CEO, Quiq
  • Kane Simms, Founder and CEO, VUX World

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