How we built AI assistant, Sandy, with loveholidays

How we built AI assistant, Sandy, with loveholidays 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

The loveholidays AI team join us to share their lessons learned from implementing the award-winning AI assistant, Sandy.


Eugene Neale, Director of Business IT and CX Engineering, and Tom Smith, Telecommunications Operations Manager at loveholidays, the UK’s fastest growing and largest online travel agent, share use cases, lessons learned and best practices from years spent designing and building Sandy with Google DialogFlow.


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In this episode

00:00 Introduction
03:04 Welcome Eugene and Tom
08:55 Where Sandy began
10:10 Sandys development
16:10 Managing complexity’s
19:48 Adoption process
25:50 Sales based use case
33:50 Conversation management
40:30 Conversation mishaps
46:16 Approaching Generative AI & LLMs
52:08 Machine learning model
55:10 Integration process
1:00:45 Key lessons learned
1:07:55 Outro

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