Unlocking AI use cases with speech recognition with Ricardo Herreros-Symons

Unlocking AI use cases with speech recognition with Ricardo Herreros-Symons 1600 1200 Kane Simms

Ricardo Herreros-Symons joins us as he shares the process of unlocking AI use cases with speech recognition.

Ofer Ronen is an ex-Googler with some immense experience in deploying AI systems for large enterprises including the infamous example of Agent Assist at Verizon. Ofer’s third startup is tomato.ai, a company that has AI technology that’ll strip away your accent! Or soften it, rather.

Ofer joins us to share his lessons learned from years of deploying AI in the enterprise, as well as the use cases, value and technicalities of this new breed of AI technology: voice filtering and accent softening.


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In this episode

00:00 Introduction and UNPARSED conference (Find out more at https://unparsedconf.com)
02:33 Welcome Ricardo
03:13 About Speechmatics
09:15 The ultimate goal
15:40 Behind the scenes of the model
21:07 The benefits
26:50 Assessing large companies
32:55 Insights to getting AI correct
39:00 Understanding the context of sentences
43:25 Approach to audio language modeling
48:00 Speech being the ‘Bottle Neck’
53:35 Processing of audio
1:01:00 Outro

Visit – www.speechmatics.com

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