Better Together: How Agent Assist Technology Delivers Superior Experiences For Call Centers

How to deliver the next generation of customer experience with AI-empowered call centre agents

In this exclusive VUX World webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How AI can solve the biggest call centre challenges today
  • Why conversational AI and humans work better together
  • The value of blending AI and human agents together
  • How to design and implement an AI assistant alongside your call centre agents
  • Top tips and insights to make the most of your AI assisted customer experience

Whether you have 10,000 agents or 10, this webinar will show how you can unlock the true potential of your workforce, make up for lost revenue and improve your customer experience.

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About the webinar

This webinar will enable you to solve some of your top call centre and customer experience challenges by showing you how to blend AI capabilities and live agents together to deliver the next generation of CX.

By the time you’re done, you’ll not only understand specifically why AI is the key to unlocking agent productivity and better customer experience, you’ll know how to implement an AI-assisted agent experience and the common pitfalls to avoid.

Who’s it for?

Contact centre and customer experience leaders, as well as senior IT, technology and operations managers who’re working on (or exploring) the future of contact centre communications.


  • Raj Koneru, CEO, Kore AI
  • Michael Kropidlowski, VP Product Marketing, Kore AI
  • Kane Simms, CEO, VUX World

Note: The event won’t be available on catch up afterwards. You’ll need to be there to gain access to the recording and to benefit from the deep insights.