Conversational commerce:

How AI-powered digital workers can boost sales

Go beyond AI for customer service and learn how conversational commerce can boost leads, conversions and revenue is this exclusive VUX World webinar.

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Conversational commerce - How AI powered digital workers can boost sales with Dawn Harpster talk desk and Kane Simms vux world

About the webinar

So much of what we hear is about AI being used for cost reduction and business efficiency gains. But can AI assistants be used at the front-end of the customer journey to sell?

Is it possible that the way you generate revenue today will be impacted by AI tomorrow? Boosted by AI? Even transformed by AI?

Imagine having an infinitely scalable sales force. Teams of digital workers helping prospects with research, finding the right product, generating quality leads, processing sales. All without anyone in your business lifting a finger. That’s conversational commerce.

Is this the future? Will you be part of it? Join Dawn Harpster, Senior Conversational Architect, Talkdesk, to find out how.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What conversational commerce is
  • The elements of the customer sales journey that AI can assist with
  • How AI can be used to generate revenue
  • Example use cases
  • Key considerations for conversational commerce strategies
  • What’s feasible today?
  • Design and implementation considerations for AI sales teams


  • Dawn Harpster, Senior Conversational Architect, Talkdesk
  • Kane Simms, Founder and CEO, VUX World


December 8th
9am PT, 12pm EST, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET


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