The end of “Can you repeat that?”

A webinar on how to build truly conversational AI experiences

60 minutes that will save you 6 months of heartache by learning from the best. In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Why voice assistants and voice bots get things wrong
  • The key ingredients for creating truly conversational AI
  • What kind of results you’ll see if you get it right
  • The common pitfalls tech teams make and how to avoid them

Whether your building voicebots or voice products, this webinar is a technical leader’s dream.

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About the webinar

The end of ‘can you repeat that?’ will help you make sure that your customers never hear the phrase “I’m sorry, can you repeat that” from your voice assistant or voicebot.

By the time you’re done, you’ll not only understand specifically why voice assistants and bots get things wrong, but crucially, you’ll know how to make sure that when you create the same, it understands every customer, every time. 

Who’s it for?

Technically minded business leaders and developers who’re working on (or considering) building voice assistants, voicebots, voice search or any voice-enabled product.


  • Scott Stephenson, CEO, Deepgram
  • Dion Millson, CEO, Elerian AI 
  • Kane Simms, CEO, VUX World


Note: The event won’t be available on catch up afterwards. You’ll need to be there to gain access to the recording and to benefit from the deep insights. 


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