Conversation design training and consulting for teams

We’ll help you develop a high-performing team of conversation designers with the skills needed to take your customer experience to the next-level.

  • Upskill your current team with expert conversation design skills
  • Form a new conversational AI team and get it right first time
  • Level-up your production and customer experience
  • Improve your strategy, perfect your practice and processes
  • Stay on track with expert guidance and coaching

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Expert consultants

Kane Simms

Founder of VUX World and
HBR-published author

Justin Randall

Chief Technology Officer
VUX World

Ben McCulloch

Conversation Designer
VUX World

Why do I need help with conversation design?

Designing conversations is harder than you think. Sure, we can all have a conversation, but to design, document and communicate how one functions is a whole different ball game.

Having a proper process, principles and standards for conversation design is the only way to make sure that what you intend to create, and what you actually build, is the same thing.

Having a shared understanding and a proper process is even more important when you’re working in teams and with complex use cases.

Your customers expect it

Conversational user interfaces are growing rapidly. Salesforce saw a 700% rise in the use of bots in 2021 (Salesforce). Calls to contact centres are rising too. 74% of people say they’ve contacted a call centre in the last year, up from 65% a year earlier (BT). The number 1 reason for customers switching to a competitor is convenience (Business Wire), with 74% of consumers expecting self-service options (Modor Intelligence), and will happily switch to a competitor if their services are more convenient.

Conversational AI is emerging as the solution to solving these problems.

We’ll give you the kick start you need to create the next-level of AI-driven customer experience by giving you new capabilities to design highly successful conversations.

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How can we help?

Our expert-led conversational design consultancy for teams looking to create consistently incredible conversations that customers love will help you:

  • Form a successful conversation design team
  • Improve the output and consistency of existing teams
  • Scale your conversation design teams without sacrificing culture and quality
  • Define standards and best practices for your conversational applications
  • Create practices and process that elevate customer experiences
  • Implement conversation design best practices in the real world
  • Understand and assess your team’s growth opportunities
  • Identify areas of improvement in current practices and outputs
  • Align cross-functional teams and departments on roles and responsibilities
  • Identify training requirements and upskilling opportunities
  • Educate stakeholders on the value of great conversation design
  • Create a great team culture

What we do

  • Discovery workshops to identify priority opportunities and create solutions
  • Co-design sprints. Learn by doing. We’ll facilitate a design sprint for your team, working on your use cases, and help you develop your process.
  • Foundational conversation design training to upskill teams with a baseline level of understanding of conversation design theory and techniques.
  • Hands-on coaching for design teams. We’ll be alongside you for your project and help keep you on track.
  • Strategic consultancy to help you identify your conversational strategy, approach and skills you’ll need

The process


We’ll work with your team to find out what you do well and where there’s gaps.


We’ll then recommend priority areas of focus that’ll help you level-up.


We’ll put the new recommendations in place.


On-hand for advice, coaching and guidance throughout your project.

Who is this conversation design training and consultancy for?

  • Brands looking reach more customers on emerging channels like voice assistants, chat and messenger services
  • Enterprises looking to automate customer service across all channels like chat, SMS and contact centre
  • Agencies and consultancies looking to advise and offer voice and conversational solutions to clients
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