Conversation design training for teams

We’ll help you develop a high-performing team of conversation designers with the skills needed to take your customer experience to the next-level.

  • Upskill your team in days
  • Learn from world-renowned experts
  • Practise on tailor-made customer problems
  • Have fun collaborating together

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Expert trainers

Kane Simms, Co-Founder, VUX World
Kane Simms

Co-Founder of VUX World, HBR published author and one of the top 10 voice AI influencers.

Hillary Black, Co-Founder, Mav, Founder, Conversation Designer Jobs
Hillary Black

Co-Founder and Head of Conversation Design at Mav, and Founder of Conversation Designer Jobs.

Rebecca Evanhoe, Author, Conversations With Things, Rosenfeld
Rebecca Evanhoe

9+ years in conversation design, ex-AWS and author of Conversations with Things.

Ben Sauer, Product and Design Strategy Leader
Ben Sauer

Seasoned product and design strategist, ex-Babylon Health and Clearleft, creator of

Totally remote

All sessions are virtual, so join from anywhere.

Global program

Trainers in the US and UK.

Tailor made

Designed around the needs of your team.


Learn by doing.

What exactly will I learn?

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Know what conversational AI is and how it works
  • Assess and prioritise use cases
  • Write dialogue and prompts
  • Design conversational flows
  • Prototype and test applications
  • Describe the conversation design processes
  • Work conversation design into your design process
  • Train conversational AI
  • Analyse conversational AI

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“We’ve all been designing conversations for some of the world’s biggest brands for years, and have trained hundreds of conversational AI practitioners. It just made sense to bring this stellar expertise together to give businesses everything they need to build a world-class conversation design practice.”

Kane Simms


Why does my team need conversation design training?

There’s an international conversation design skills gap. Seasoned conversation designers are hard to find and expensive to acquire.

Yet with more brands implementing conversational AI like voice and chatbots, conversation designers are in huge demand!

67% of brands have a conversational assistant at least in the works

67% of brands claim to already have or be working on conversational assistants (Opus Research).

51 percent of brands say they'll spend more on conversational AI than mobile apps

51% of companies are forecast to spend more on conversational AI than on mobile apps by next year (Gartner).


Without the proper conversation design talent, brands are in danger of creating conversational assistants that disappoint, rather than delight. 

In a world where you’re competing on customer experience, where customers are easy to loose and hard to win back, every customer interaction matters. 

Given the level of expectation humans bring to a conversation, can you afford to offer your customers a poor conversational experience?

Up-skill your team and give them the knowledge, skills and tools they need to design highly successful conversations, with our expert-led conversation design training.

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Book a free training assessment call, or just grab some time with us to discuss your needs and options.

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Get a sample course outline, agenda and an in-depth flavour of the kind of things you’ll learn.

Who is this conversation design training for?

  • UX design teams working on chat and voice bot projects in-house
  • CX and service design teams creating end-to-end multi-channel customer experiences
  • Product design teams looking to add conversational interfaces to software and apps
  • Marketing teams using conversational applications like messaging, voice assistants and chatbots to generate leads and sales
  • Customer service teams responsible for managing and designing IVR scripts, handling calls and live chat interactions
conversation design training is for you

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Why don’t I just do an online conversation design course?

Online conversation design courses are great if you’re personally looking to learn a little about conversation design. If you need to practically implement conversational AI for your business, and establish a consistent, fool-proof approach within your team, then you’ll need more than videos and quizzes.

Here is how our enterprise conversation design training for teams compares to its online equivalents.

Our training

Check Tailor made material

Check Work on your projects

Check Theory and practice

Check Learn with your team

Check Takes one week

Check Part of your working day

Check Builds momentum

Check Fun, energising and active

Check Do practical exercises

Online courses

CrossGeneric material

CrossHypothetical examples


CrossLearn on your own

CrossOne month or longer

CrossFind your own time

CrossHard to keep motivated


CrossWatch videos

Learn by doing

You don’t learn how to ride a bike by watching videos of people ride bikes. You learn by riding one for yourself.

That’s why we use a mixture of theory and practice. We’ll teach you world-class methodologies and tactics, of course, but you’ll also work through exercises for yourself and receive expert guidance and feedback.

Dog riding a bike

Interested? Let’s chat

Book a free training assessment call, or just grab some time with us to discuss your needs and options.

Register your interest

Get a sample course outline, agenda and an in-depth flavour of the kind of things you’ll learn.

Shouldn’t I just hire a conversation designer?

Yes! You absolutely should! But that’s easier said than done.

Searching for a conversation designer

The talent pool is small. There aren’t many experienced conversation designers out there. Finding them is hard.

The market is competitive. Even the largest companies with the deepest pockets have trouble recruiting experienced conversation designers.

Salaries are high. With a small talent pool and more demand than supply, experienced conversation designers aren’t cheap!

Recruiting is costly. It takes both finances and time to plan, advertise, interview, offer and bed-in new staff.

We understand the market better than most and, although it might sound simple, recruiting a seasoned conversation designer is hard.

Training talent and giving them the skills they need to become a conversation designer… With our help, that is simple.

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“Few people understand the market and landscape of conversational AI talent more than we do. Much less have the conversation design skills and experience to put together a program like this.”

Hillary Black


Besides, you already have talent

You’ve got talent already. You have people that can design, that can write, that can create customer-first experiences.

You already have the foundations to build great conversation designers.

Invest in the talent you have

Rather than battling to recruit, why not invest in talent you already have? Those who turn-up day-in, day-out, working tirelessly for your brand and customers.

Give them the skills to take your customer experience to the next-level.

Show them you care. Show that you trust them. Show that you believe.

How do I get started?

  1. Register your interest and we’ll reach out for a scoping session with you
  2. We’ll speak with your design team to understand their knowledge and skill gaps
  3. We create a bespoke programme based on the needs of your team
  4. Join us for our interactive training sessions
  5. Start designing the future of your customer experience

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When is the best time to do conversation design training?

The ideal time to do this conversation design training course is at the outset of a real project where you’ll be building and designing a conversational user interface or application.

In this instance, we can use your actual project for training material. By the end of the course, you’ll have delivered on a big chunk of your project!

Otherwise, the second-best time is in preparation for a project you know is coming up. This way, you can develop the skills you need so that you’re ready and confident when the project lands.

Will I get a qualification?

While we don’t have an official accreditation, you will receive proof that you’ve been trained by the world’s leading experts in the form of a certificate. This will stand as a mark of quality that you can use to demonstrate that you have been trained by one of the most recognisable and trusted brands in conversational AI.

Conversation designer certificate example

How long will it take?

How long it takes depends on the level of knowledge and expertise you have already. Typical training programmes will run for 2-4 days.

Do I have to do all of the sessions in one go?

It’s usually best to do the training close together over the course of a week. That way, you can really build momentum and benefit from intense practical learning. But if you’d prefer to spread it over a number of weeks, then that’s cool too.

How quickly can we do it?

It usually takes us a week or two to interview your team and plan the material, then we need to find a slot when you’re available for 2-4 days, so the typical lead time from booking to having the training is between 2-4 weeks.

Interested? Let’s chat

Book a free training assessment call, or just grab some time with us to discuss your needs and options.

Register your interest

Get a sample course outline, agenda and an in-depth flavour of the kind of things you’ll learn.

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