Your strategic AI partner for CX transformation

Objective strategic guidance from world-leading experts in voice, conversational AI and NLP.

Working with VUX World will enable you to:

  • Find the best place to start with conversational AI CX automation
  • Understand which use cases deliver ROI and the true potential for your organisation
  • Develop the right approach and implementation roadmap 
  • Learn how to design and build conversational AI applications
  • Scope the right technology vendors and capabilities
  • Grow your AI maturity

Why do I need strategic AI consultancy services?

Voice, conversational AI and NLP technologies are still new, and there’s a huge knowledge, skills and capability gap in most organisations.

At the same time, the use of voice assistants and chatbots is rising exponentially. Customers expect 24/7 access to products, services and support.

When starting out, most think they need to find an AI vendor, but those vendor’s incentive structures don’t always align with your best interests.

So how do you explore the potential and find the value of AI-powered CX, when things are changing so rapidly, you’ve never done it before and you don’t know who to trust?

Enter VUX World.

What is our strategic AI consulting offer?

VUX World’s renowned industry experts offer unbiased, objective and agnostic conversational AI consulting.

We help you explore the value of conversational AI technologies, define the future of AI-powered customer experience for your business, and put together a plan to get you there.


Align on the vision for the future of CX, the direction of travel and how you should measure progress.


Identify the right strategic approach for your organisation, based on your goals, your culture and your level of AI maturity.


Find and prioritise use cases, validate solutions and define your roadmap.


Gather requirements for AI automation and choose the right vendor or supplier for the job.


Gain the skills, knowledge and capabilities you need to be able to define, design, build, launch and maintain AI applications.


Continued support, guidance, advice and coaching throughout your journey until you’re ready to go it alone.

Beyond strategy definition

Where required, once we’ve helped you define your strategy and technology, we can also help you implement solutions and become self-sufficient.

This is a great way for teams to gradually build their AI maturity, whilst remaining in control of the customer experience.

We help you mature through things like:

Conversation design

Hands-on conversation design services to get you up and running quickly.

Proof of concepts

Building proof of concepts and prototypes, testing with customers to gather feedback and inform design strategy.


Co-design and co-implementing solutions, working alongside your team, so that you can learn while doing.

Training and coaching

Conversation design training, and AI ops training to up-skill teams. Ongoing guidance and coaching to establish self-sufficiency.

Who is it for?

Our strategic consulting is for enterprise leaders and teams looking to redefine customer experience and business models using AI technologies, and for those looking to scale AI efforts or grow their AI maturity.

Our framework


Competitive landscape assessments

Quantifying problems and challenges

Defining opportunities, goals and objectives

ROI forecasting and budgeting

Success criteria and milestone tracking

Risk management


User research and needs analysis

Use case identification and validation

Channel audit and opportunity assessment

In-source vs outsource

Process, practices, standards

Prototype and proof of concepts


Priority courses of action

Hypothesis definition and research planning

Capability identification

Use case and feature prioritisation

Project planning

Roadmap production

Timescale forecasting


Technology requirements gathering

Capability prioritisation

ICT and LOB requirements definition

Technology proof of concepts

Vendor selection criteria

Vendor sourcing and RFP


Guided implementation

Knowledge transfer

Team training

Hands-on coaching

Ongoing advisory and guidance

Continued strategy support

What makes VUX World different?

Every company that wants to explore the value of AI today is guaranteed to stumble into two major conflicts of interest:

  1. Technology provider conflicts
  2. Professional service conflicts

Technology conflicts

Because of the lack of knowledge and expertise in conversational AI technologies in enterprises, the first thing most companies do when starting their journey is search for an AI technology vendor.

They skip the part where they define their strategy, approach, roadmap, business vision and everything that contributes to the success of any digital transformation programme. They underestimate the scale, complexity and impact of artificial intelligence and rush to vendor selection.

That causes a big problem.

It’s a big problem because AI technologies are tools and should be used as tools. Your strategy should define the tools you need, not the other way around.

AI technology vendors are tool providers and have a vested interest in your continued and increasing usage of those tools.

So when you go to a tool maker in search of strategic advice, you hit a conflict of interest.

The hammer wants to search for a nail.

What you really need first is a strategy to determine the jobs that need to be done, how you should do them, and which tools you need to do them properly.

That’s what VUX World does.

Professional services conflicts

If you do go to a consultancy of some description, and have them help you put together your strategy, you’ll find they all have ulterior motives.

They all want to design, build, implement and maintain your AI services for you.

That means that everything they recommend, they recommend based on the potential upside of their next project, and based on keeping hold of your business for as long as possible.

It’s much more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep hold of an existing one. Agencies and consultancies know this, and they’ll use your lack of AI experience as justification for it.

It’s not inherently wrong to outsource your automation efforts, but that decision has to be made in line with your overarching strategy.

When the strategy is defined by a company that greatly benefits from the resulting work, you have a conflict of interest.

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, do they?

The VUX World difference

VUX World is the only consultancy that does not suffer from these conflicts of interest.

We don’t have our own proprietary technology so we can be truly objective when it comes to our recommendations.

We don’t manage conversational AI solutions, either. When we do implement, it’s guided implementation, so that we transfer our knowledge and skills to your team. That way, you become self-sufficient. So we’re not motivated by winning more work from you. In fact, we’re motivated by the opposite; helping you be self-sufficient.

VUX is therefore the only company that exists to date that can offer you truly objective guidance on your conversational AI and CX automation strategy.

When you want to build a house, you call the architects, not the plumbers.

We’re the architects, and we’re ready to start whenever you are.

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