The VUX World Strategy Sprint

Define and validate your AI-powered CX strategy in just 5 days!

After 5 days, you’ll leave with the following:

  • Prioritised roadmap with short, medium and long term opportunities
  • Business case showing forecasted ROI and high-level KPIs
  • Working prototype that you can test, validated with real customers
  • Next steps implementation plan

What is the VUX World Strategy Sprint?

Our strategy sprint is a week-long series of fun and interactive workshops designed to help you identify and validate an approach to implementing CX automation using voice and conversational AI.

It’s great for brands and enterprises hoping to explore how to:

  • Increase awareness with Amazon Alexa
  • Increase engagement through Google Assistant
  • Build your own branded voice assistant
  • Automate conversations in your call centre
  • Improve CX on your website or app
  • Make your staff more productive

Whatever your goals, our strategy sprint will take you within breathing distance of a solution, and quick!

Who’s it for?

This strategy sprint is for enterprise brands looking to start or scale their CX automation strategies using voice and conversational AI technologies.

From defining a strategy and identifying your first pilot, to forming finding new use cases to scale your impact across channels.

You’ll also find it valuable if you’re a consultancy or agency with clients who might benefit from voice and conversational AI solutions.

What’s involved? The schedule



Use cases


Skills analysis

Opportunity assessment


Short term priorities

Solution design

Use case validation

Testing plan



QA and validation


Usability testing

Feedback gathering


Prototype next steps

Implementation planning

Action plan formed

What are the outcomes?

By the end of the sprint, you’ll have:

  • A business case showing forecasted ROI
  • A short-term roadmap of low-hanging fruit that you can tackle immediately
  • A mid-term roadmap of use cases to work towards
  • A working prototype of a solution, validated with customers
  • Design and technical requirements documented
  • A high-level implementation plan

Wait, there’s more outcomes?

As well as a working prototype and a short-term roadmap, you’ll also leave with:

  • Increased knowledge and skills within your team of conversational AI best practice
  • Methodologies and frameworks you can use in future to validate and design conversational AI interactions
  • An understanding of the knowledge, skills and tools needed to implement your strategy

Example outputs

a bot to call your own
You’ll be able to call and speak to your prototype
Alexa skill or google action
Or chat to it using your Amazon Echo or Alexa enabled device
chatbot prototype
Or if it’s a chatbot, you can type away and it’ll talk back

How does the strategy sprint work?

  1. Complete our enquiry form.
  2. Book a date.
  3. Gather your team and those that have a stake in your automation strategy.
  4. Join the VUX World team virtually for a series of collaborative workshops that’ll build out your CX automation strategy.
  5. Together; prioritise, decide, validate, prototype and test your short-term roadmap with your actual customers.
  6. Draw up a 6 month implementation plan.
  7. Have a cocktail. It’s Friday.
Totally remote

Bring all stakeholders. All you need is an internet connection. We’ll handle the rest.

Fun and energising

This isn’t a week-long Zoom meeting. It’s practical, collaborative working sessions that you’ll actually enjoy!

Proven frameworks

We’ve been doing this a while, and it works. You can trust the process.

Outcome focused

We hate meetings for meeting’s sake too! Every minute of the strategy sprint drives practical outcomes and actions.

No wasted effort

Most normal consultancies will take upward of £150k and 5 months to do what you can actually do in 5 days for much less.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that getting started with voice, conversational and AI technologies needs to be done in a long, drawn out, waterfall manner.

You don’t need full procurement exercises and detailed requirements documents that take so long to produce that your requirements change by the time you’re done.

And you don’t need to be lured into thinking that AI and automation technologies are ‘new’, scary or confusing. That’s just what the consultants say to have you believe that you need their services.

“Working software over comprehensive documentation”

That’s line 2 in the agile manifesto, and that’s our principle, too.

We don’t do busy work that adds zero value to you. We don’t do wasted efforts on documents that go nowhere. We don’t waste your time and money on billable admin that distracts and delays your ultimate goal of organisational alignment and deliverable results. And we don’t lead you to believe that you have a mountain to climb in your knowledge and skills in AI.

At VUX World, we care about actually getting things done. We care about every minute you spend with us being focused completely on getting you the results and outcomes you need. We care about progress. And a strategy sprint is a sure-fire way to achieve that, quickly.

Cut through the BS. Do away with waste. 

Simply bring your team and let’s take you forward. Let’s create a plan, validate it, prioritise your roadmap, and figure out resources, tools and timelines in one week flat.

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