Get a voice strategy in less than a week

Creating a voice strategy doesn’t have to cost millions and take forever. With this specialist voice strategy sprint, you can take leaps forwards in less than a week.

Leave with a roadmap and business case showing forecasted ROI, a validated working prototype of a solution and an implementation plan.

kane simms running vux world conversational automation strategy sprint workshop

What is a voice strategy sprint?

The voice strategy sprint is a week-long series of fun and interactive workshops designed to help you identify and validate an approach to implementing voice and conversational AI for your brand.

Whether you’re looking to increase awareness with Amazon Alexa, increase engagement through Google Assistant, build your own branded voice assistant, automate conversations in your call centre or improve CX on your website or app, our voice strategy sprint will take you within breathing distance of a solution, and quick!

The schedule



Use cases


Skills analysis

Opportunity assessment


Short term priorities

Solution design

Use case validation

Testing plan



QA and validation


Usability testing

Feedback gathering


Prototype next steps

Implementation planning

Action plan formed

The outcomes

By the end of the sprint, you’ll have:

  • A business case showing forecasted ROI
  • A short-term roadmap of low-hanging fruit that you can tackle immediately
  • A mid-term roadmap of use cases to work towards
  • A working prototype of a solution, validated with customers
  • Design and technical requirements documented
  • A high-level implementation plan

Wait, there’s more outcomes?

As well as a working prototype and a short-term roadmap, you’ll also leave with:

  • Increased knowledge and skills within your team of conversational AI best practice
  • Methodologies and frameworks you can use in future to validate and design conversational AI interactions
  • An understanding of the knowledge, skills and tools needed to implement your voice strategy
  • A list of individual team members and stakeholders that could fill specific roles
  • A list of organisational barriers and blockers with an action plan for overcoming them

Example outputs

a bot to call your own
A bot you can call your own
Alexa skill or google action
“Alexa, open my prototype”
chatbot prototype
Some botty to talk to.

How does the voice strategy sprint work?

  1. Hop on a quick call with the VUX World team to complete the workshop scoping assessment.
  2. Book a date.
  3. Gather your team and those that have a stake in your automation strategy.
  4. Join the VUX World team virtually for a series of collaborative workshops that’ll build out your conversational automation strategy.
  5. Together; prioritise, decide, validate, prototype and test your short-term roadmap with your actual customers.
  6. Draw up a 6 month implementation plan.
  7. Have a cocktail. It’s Friday.
Book a free 30 minute scoping call
Totally remote

Bring all stakeholders. All you need is an internet connection. We’ll handle the rest.

Fun and energising

This isn’t a week-long Zoom meeting. It’s practical, collaborative working sessions that you’ll actually enjoy!

Proven frameworks

We’ve been doing this a while, and it works. You can trust the process.

Outcome focused

We hate meetings for meeting’s sake too! Every minute of the strategy sprint drives practical outcomes and actions.

Who’s it for?

This strategy sprint is for enterprise brands looking to start or scale their voice and conversational AI efforts. From defining a strategy and identifying your first pilot, to forming a Centre of Excellence and scaling your impact across all channels.

You’ll also find it valuable if you’re a consultancy or agency with clients who might benefit from voice and conversational AI solutions.

Do I have to do the whole week?

Obviously, we recommend the 5 day sprint. You’ll get the most value from it, as it’ll take you within breathing distance of your ultimate goal of implementing a voice strategy. But if you need to break this down and chop it up, we can work with you to create the á la carte options you need.

You can also spread each day over 5 weeks if you can’t release the people required for a full 5 days.

Interested? Let’s chat.

Book a no obligation strategy sprint scoping call today.

Got questions? Ask away

Got a question that we haven’t answered? Ask us it right now on our live chat and get an answer in minutes.

Not quite ready yet?

That’s fine! If you’re not ready to book, but you’re interested in learning a little more, drop us your email and we’ll send you more details.

No wasted effort

Consultancies are looking for upward of £150k and 5 months to do what you can actually do in 5 days for much less.

Who needs a big recommendation report that no one reads? Who wants to pay an agency for 3 week’s worth of work to produce a deck that’s presented in 30 minutes then gone forever?

“Working software over comprehensive documentation”

That’s line 2 in the agile manifesto, and that’s our principle, too.

We don’t do busy work that adds zero value to you. We don’t do wasted efforts on documents that go nowhere. We don’t waste your time and money on billable admin that distracts and delays your ultimate goal of organisational alignment and deliverable results.

At VUX World, we care about actually getting things done. We care about every minute you spend with us being focused completely on getting you the results and outcomes you need. We care about progress. And a strategy sprint is a sure-fire way to achieve that, quickly.

Cut through the BS. Do away with waste. 

Simply bring your team and let’s actually solve problems. Let’s create a plan, validate it, prioritise your roadmap, and figure out resources, tools and timelines in one week flat.

What’s the worst than can happen?

If you booked a call with us today, what’s the worst that can happen?

  • Pushy sales talk? We’re not like that, at all. There is zero obligation on your part and, if you’ve ever heard us speak or watched our content, you’ll know we’re not pushy whatsoever.
  • Crazy high prices? Prices vary based on what you need and whether you go for the whole week or á la carte. What we can promise is that it’ll be far more cost-effective and quicker than any alternative.
  • Pressure to book a sprint? All we care about is giving you what you need. Right now, that’s simply about understanding your needs, aims and challenges and whether a strategy sprint is even the right way to go for you.
  • Haven’t got time? We respect that. Though nothing will happen or change on its own without time and attention. But if you’re so pushed that you can’t make 30 minutes, we’ll do it in 15.

So, what’s stopping you?

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