AI consulting for AI vendor’s clients

Helping your client get the most out of your technology without you having to lift a finger.

Working with VUX World will enable you to:

  • Spend your time working on your product, not building client solutions with it
  • Get happy clients utilising your product with great success
  • Create self-sufficient clients with the right skills needed to design and implement AI solutions using your product

Why do I need strategy and design services for my clients?

As a voice and conversational AI technology vendor, you want to focus your time on developing your product and taking it to market, not on professional services and handholding clients.

Yet, at this stage in the CAI market, your clients don’t always have the skills or experience needed to define AI strategies and implement solutions.

This results in technology vendors needing to provide strategy, conversation design and implementation services to fill the gap, which detracts away from what you do best: building great technology.

Worst still, your clients might go it alone, without the skills and experience they need to build effective solutions. That means they don’t get the most out of your solution and projects fail.

Our strategy and design offer for AI vendors

VUX World’s renowned industry experts offer strategy, co-design and co-implementation services for vendor clients.

We help your clients build the right thing in the right way, using your solution. And we do it with them, training and coaching them along the way, empowering them to take control of their destiny.

Your client ends up self-sufficient, and getting the most out of your product, and you can get back to work.


Align your client team on the vision for the future of AI-powered CX, the direction of travel and how they should measure progress.


Helping your clients put together the right strategic approach, define the right solutions, arrange the right resources and plan/prioritise their AI roadmap.

Conversation design

Hands-on conversation design services to get your client up and running successfully.

Proof of concepts

Building proof of concepts and prototypes, testing with customers to gather feedback and inform design strategy.


Scoping additional technology requirements and recommending capabilities to compliment your solution (where and if required).


Co-design and co-implementing your client’s solutions, using your technology and our methodology. We do it with them, so they learn how to do it themselves.

Training and coaching

Conversation design training, and AI ops training to up-skill client teams. Ongoing guidance and coaching to establish self-sufficient clients.

Enquire about working with VUX World today.

Who is it for?

Our strategic consulting is for voice and conversational AI technology vendors who have clients that don’t have the skills and experience needed to get the most our of their products or services. 

Perhaps you’re a conversational AI platform with clients that need AI strategy support.

Maybe you’re a speech technology provider that has clients without NLU skills.

Maybe you’re an NLU provider with clients lacking conversation design capabilities.

Maybe you a tech provider that has clients lacking in all areas of NLP and you’re looking to provide them with expert guidance.

Whatever the skill and experience level of your client, we’ll bring them up to speed, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

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