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VUI design best practice from user testing with 120 brands, with Abhishek Suthan and Dylan Zwick

VUI design best practice from user testing with 120 brands, with Abhishek Suthan and Dylan Zwick 1800 1200 VUX World

Pulse Labs founders, Abhishek Suthan and Dylan Zwick share their advice on VUI design best practice that they’ve learned from conducting voice first usability testing with over 120 brands.

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The search for VUI design best practice

In web design, there are standards. Common design patterns and best practice that you’ll find on most websites and apps.

The burger menu, call to action buttons, a search bar at the top of the page. These have all been tried and tested and are par for the course on most websites.

In voice, that best practice is still to be worked out. And today’s guests have begun to uncover it.

Pulse Labs is a voice first usability testing company. They conduct global remote user research by testing voice experiences for brands. Think of it almost like, but specifically for voice.

After working with over 120 brands, the founders; Abhishek Suthan and Dylan Zwick, have stumbled upon some of the most common mistakes that designers and developers make in their Google Assistant Actions and Alexa Skills.

Through design iterations and further testing, they’ve worked out what some of that best practice looks like.

In this episode

Over the course of this episode, we hear from Abhishek and Dylan about some of the most common mistakes designers make when it comes to voice user experience design.

We discuss how these issues can be fixed, as well as further best practice when designing for voice, including:

  • How to architect your voice app and design flat menus
  • How to handle errors and recover from failure
  • Framing experiences and handling expectations
  • When to apply confirmations and when to make assumptions
  • And a whole host more

This episode is one to listen to again and again. No doubt the standards will change as and when the tech advances and usage grows, but for now, this is probably the best start there is in defining best practice in voice.


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Voice first user testing with Sam Howard

Voice first user testing with Sam Howard 1800 1200 VUX World

In this episode, we’re talking about voice first user testing, why it’s so imperative and how you can get started doing your own voice user testing.

Why voice first user testing?

Although usability testing graphical user interfaces is as common as a trending tweet, it’s a seed that’s yet to be greatly sewn in the world of voice. There are many services that will provide technical testing, but those specifically offering voice first user testing in person with real users are few and far between. Enter, Userfy.

Whether you create Alexa Skills, Google Actions or any other voice user experience, this episode will help you make sure that your voice user interface (VUI) works for the people that use it through teaching you how to approach a voice-based user testing project.

We’ll cover things like:

  • The current state of user research in the voice industry
  • Why is usability testing important?
  • What kind of users should you test with?
  • User testing processes and planning
  • How to approach a voice-first testing project
  • Validating assumptions
  • The difference between graphical and voice user testing
  • What tools and equipment you need

Introducing Sam Howard

Our guest is Sam Howard, co-founder and Director of user research agency, Userfy, which specialises in user testing. Sam has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction and a degree in Psychology. That, mixed with a love of technology and a passion for helping people, puts Sam at the forefront of the user research field.


Sam Howard on Twitter
Userfy website
Userfy on Twitter
Sam’s ‘Usability challenges facing voice-first devices‘ article

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