All about Snips with Yann Lachelle

All about Snips with Yann Lachelle 1800 1200 Kane Simms

This week, we’re  speaking to serial entrepreneur, Yann Lachelle, COO at Snips, about the privacy by design alternative to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Privacy is a hot topic. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the introduction of GDPR in Europe, people are becoming more aware and more concerned with how companies are using their data.

On the enterprise-side, one of the challenges preventing companies from implementing voice is the apprehension towards sending sensitive data to Amazon or Google.

Enter, Snips

The Paris-based startup is bringing a privacy-first approach to their voice assistant. We speak to Snips’ COO Yann Lachelle about the details and how you can use it

In this episodes, we discuss:

  • What Snips is and its position in the market
  • Why privacy is a concern for consumers and companies
  • Snips’ approach to voice and privacy
  • Edge computing and how Snips is tackling security
  • Open sourcing the backend of the Snips assistant
  • Blockchain and decentralising the voice ecosystem

Our guest

Yann Lachelle is a serial entrepreneur. He’s founded and sold several companies and has a 100% record of founding and exiting. Yann’s experience in the startup world is vast and his knowledge on AI and the voice industry is more than impressive.

As COO of Snips, Yann is helping Snips make technology disappear by bringing to market the world’s first privacy-by-design voice assistant.

Yann brings us some inspiring stories, intensely relevant insights and plenty of observations that’ll help you get a full understanding of what Snips can offer you or your clients.

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Visit the Snips website

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Join the Snips community on Discord

Check out Snips’ whitepaper explaining the details of their blockchain ambitions

Find out more about Snips and blockchain


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