All about voice testing with Bespoken’s John Kelvie

All about voice testing with Bespoken’s John Kelvie 1800 1200 Kane Simms

This week, Dustin and I catch up with John Kelvie, CEO and founder of Bespoken, and learn all about the three types of testing that can help you create and sustain great voice experiences.

We discuss:

  • Unit testing: how to test your code locally without having to deploy into the cloud and test through your smart speaker or phone. This can save developers a whole load of time and effort in the development phase.
  • End to end testing: how to automate testing of utterances and intents to make sure you’re returning the correct response to the various utterances that can be fed through your skill or action. This saves the QA folks time as you no longer need to fire up your skill or action and physically test every possible utterance.
  • Continuous testing: making sure that your continue to keep on top of the ever-changing AI operating systems and ensuring your skill or action is always operating as intended.

We also discuss the convergence of usability testing and technical testing and how they can play together, as well as hear John’s take on the future of voice.

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