Building an effective digital assistant for banking with Bill Hawks, Citizens Bank

Building an effective digital assistant for banking with Bill Hawks, Citizens Bank 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Bill hawks joins us to talk through just how important it is to have an effective digital assistant for banks and the role that it plays.

If you’re in banking and you haven’t been seriously considering your conversational AI strategy, then where have you been?

Yes, it’s early, but the banking industry is one of the stand-out industries where conversational AI can add immeasurable benefit to your business operations and customer experience.

One person who’s been through the end-to-end journey of formulating the strategy, building the team and deploying the solution is Bill Hawks.

Bill is Digital Customer Experience Manager – Conversational AI & Virtual Client Service at Citizens Bank, where he’s leading the CX digital strategy. Prior to that, Bill was Sr. Digital Product Manager at Truist Bank, where he led the conversational AI strategy, team and solutions.

Bill joins us to share his lessons in how you can create an effective digital assistant for banking, as well as learnings that’ll apply to any business leader considering their transformation strategy and how CAI can play a role.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and conversational commerce webinar. Find out more: https://vux.world/conversational-comm…
03:55 About Bill and Citizens bank
09:50 Differences between AI and other software
13:40 Senior stakeholder expectations
18:17 CAI vs graphical user interfaces
21:34 Leading CAI teams
25:43 Breaking the status quo
29:28 DITAT model for conversational AI scale
33:47 Why you should automate conversations
37:40 The future of AI-powered banking
44:44 Customer-first mindests
47:40 CAI Challenges
53:15 Outro

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