Conversational AI in the emerging web 3 landscape, with Brandon Kaplan, CIO, Journey

Conversational AI in the emerging web 3 landscape, with Brandon Kaplan, CIO, Journey 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Brandon Kaplan, CIO, Journey discusses how conversational AI is emerging in the web 3 landscape.

After founding Skilled Creative 2017, and turning it into one of the most notable voice agencies, Brandon Kaplan and his crew of emerging tech pioneers combined forces to create Journey; an innovation and design consultancy conceived to help brands envision, plan, and effectively build the next generation of fan experiences and customer journeys.

Brandon joins us to share his vision for the future of conversational AI in emerging tech spaces, such as AI-assisted creativity and content and web 3. Join us for what’ll be an immersive Journey.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and conversational commerce webinar. Find out more: https://vux.world/conversational-commerce-how-ai-powered-digital-workers-can-boost-sales/
04:43 Where does commerce fit in at Journey?
07:33 Voice assistant industry
12:50 Smart speakers being monetised?
15:15 User experiences
17:40 Hyper-personalisation
19:50 Third party eco system
25:17 Most successful use cases
28:05 Exciting prospects for technology at Journey
35:35 Computers understanding ‘meaning’
39:55 Democratisation of tools
44:05 The novelty phase
47:55 The vision for Journey
52:54 The virtual being space
56:39 End to end service
1:01:47 Outro

Join our next webinar, conversational commerce: how AI-powered digital workers can boost sales: Find out more: https://vux.world/conversational-commerce-how-ai-powered-digital-workers-can-boost-sales/

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