Introducing conversation design into a dev-led organisation with Workday

Introducing conversation design into a dev-led organisation with Workday 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Collin Carnahan joins us for us to discuss how Workday has been creating a conversation design culture.

Collin Carnahan is a Senior UX Conversation Designer at Workday. Collin joins us to share how he and his team implemented conversation design systems and processes into a largely development and technically driven organisation.

One of the crucial elements of getting the customer experience right with conversational applications is that they’re designed right. That’s not to say that technical developers don’t have a role to play, or that conversation design needs to trump development in all cases. It’s to say that conversation design needs a seat at the big table.

In this conversation, we’ll discuss some of the symptoms of developer-led conversational AI initiatives, the impact that too much technical and not enough design focus has on customer experience, and the benefits of being design-led.

We’ll also discuss implementing a design system for conversational AI, scaling conversational applications and more insights on the benefits conversational AI is delivering at Workday.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and presenting VUX World @ VOICE22 Presented by Kore AI
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03:39 The Conversational AI industry today
14:25 Use cases
18:09 What the Workday assistant is used for
24:24 Engineering and design
30:14 Relationship building
33:55 Benefits of a conversational approach
37:54 Push backs that could arise during conversation design
40:55 Considerations when designing a conversation
44:52 The best ways to monitor an assistant
48:36 A future roadmap
51:25 Future of CAI
54:50 Outro

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