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When can we advertise on Alexa?

When can we advertise on Alexa? 1800 1200 VUX World

“When will we see advertising on Alexa?”

If you’re thinking this, you’re missing the point. read more

Voice first digital transformation with Shawn Kanungo

Voice first digital transformation with Shawn Kanungo 1800 1200 VUX World

Voice first technology has the potential to transform organisations. Join Dustin and I as we dig into how voice is being used to create efficiencies within businesses with Silver founder, Shawn Kanungo.

Silver, an agency based in Canada, is helping organisations use voice to streamline business processes, access line of business systems and improve productivity. We speak to the founder, ex-Deloitte digital transformation guru and speaker, Shawn Kanungo, to find out how it’s done.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How voice plus other exponential technologies will disrupt every industry & government agencies
  • What voice looks like when it’s combined with robotic process automation (RPA) and more
  • What does voice mean for a digital transformation strategy for an enterprise?
  • How Silver take a human-centered approach to voice by doing ethnographic research
  • Organisational culture and whether workers are ready for enterprise level voice
  • The future of voice and whether we’ll see a billion dollar company built on a voice platform

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