Alternative voice assistants to Alexa and Google Assistant

Alternative voice assistants to Alexa and Google Assistant 1800 1200 Kane Simms

I’m in Amsterdam today with JP and Jen who are over there looking rather nonchalant not joining me on the escalator, but in Amsterdam in Holland Google, Sorry, Alexa doesn’t exist.

The echo doesn’t exist.

It’s Google Assistant predominantly and I got me thinking about what would you do if those big commercial Voice Assistant platforms just didn’t exist?

Would you do without Google Assistant Siri Alexa,
are there other voice Technologies other platforms that you would use instead and for what use cases?

So JP had mentioned SoundHound for use in the car, you know looking at things like restaurants and navigation.

I think that this one is working nice.

I was talking about Snips before it was acquired being used in home electronic devices like coffee machines
and things like that.

So what other examples Do you have of other Technologies outside of the big commercial Technologies and what are the use cases?

What are they being used for? Let us know?

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