Introducing ‘VTA’: Voice-to-Action

Introducing the VTA: Voice-to-Action which is the same as a call-to-action, only one that is served and acted on in a voice first environment.

Siri’s biggest threat? App-le.

Is the visual and industrial design culture at Apple hindering Siri? Is Siri actually an assistant or a voice interface? Will Siri ever reach its potential?

It’s our job

Is discoverability the main issue with voice assistant adoption? Or does it run deeper than that? And who’s job is it? Amazon’s? Google’s? Or yours?

Multi-channel conversational strategies with Nico Acosta

This week, Dustin and Kane chat with Nico Acosta, Director of Product and Engineering at Twilio, about how companies are approaching multi-channel conversational strategies. Listen on: Apple podcasts | Spotify…