Lean and process engineering for AI automation with Scott Hamilton

Lean and process engineering for AI automation with Scott Hamilton 1600 1200 Kane Simms

Scott Hamilton, Prodigal Tech joins us on our VUX World podcast as he shares all about AI automation!

Scott Hamilton is the Principle, Banking and Lending Strategy Leader at Prodigal Tech, an actionable intelligence platform for consumer finance.

Scott’s background is in lead six sigma and joins me to speak about why for most organisations, your AI automation journey is in fact one of process design and how lean six sigma can help businesses create the automation strategies they’re dreaming of!

Join us as we dive into the details.


In this episode

00:00 Intro
03:00 Welcome Scott Hamilton
06:57 Plans for optimising horizontally across the company
08:23 ‘Master black belt’
11:34 What is ‘Lean’
14:32 Identifying which process to start with
17:50 Journey Mapping
22:06 Sophisticated level automation
26:00 Business process importance
30:33 Scott’s reasoning behind joining Prodigal Tech
34:42 Subtext in financial conversations
36:45 Intent based machine learning model
38:06 Is the training data and model the best it can be?
41:50 Going from ’90 – 100′
44:20 How often scott uses Lean
48:24 Outro

Make sure to visit the Prodigal Tech website here

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