Using AI to make the job search easier with Total Jobs Group

Using AI to make the job search easier with Total Jobs Group 1600 1200 Kane Simms

How can AI make your job search easier? I’m joined by Head of Product – Conversations at Total Jobs Group, Somnath Biswas to discuss.

Som has immense experience in project management and AI and knows what it takes to make AI work at scale. He joins me to share some lessons in implementing conversational AI in a highly stressful and emotional situation: the job search.

Do customers want this? What conversations do they want and need? How can you make sure you can serve those needs at scale? What people, process and technology do you need to make it happen? What’s the role of generative AI and large language models? And what does the future of job hunting look like?

Let’s dive in!


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
04:27 Welcome Somnath
09:25 Organised groups
11:50 Conversational interfaces
17:45 Measuring lifetime value
20:15 Next steps after conversational formats
28:00 Making improvements
36:00 Model producing responses
38:55 Multi agent
46:40 Augmented retrieval
52:22 User / response input stage
58:50 Different prompt criteria
1:04:40 Outro

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