Creating super-human voice assistants with Nikola Mrkšić, CEO, PolyAI

Creating super-human voice assistants with Nikola Mrkšić, CEO, PolyAI 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Find out how PolyAI is creating super-human voice assistants for customer service with ex-Apple Siri, current CEO PolyAI, Nikola Mrkšić.


Creating super-human voice assistants

As much as voice technology has been hyped over the last few years, perhaps leading to some unrealistic expectations, it’s beginning to find its feet in reliably and consistently improving customer service in contact centres. 

Regardless of hype, voice technology has super-human qualities when applied in a customer services environment and especially, according to today’s guest Nikola Mrkšić, CEO and co-founder of London-based PolyAI, when using PolyAI technology.

We chat to Nikola about what defines ‘super-human’ qualities for voice assistants, how the PolyAI technology differs from some of the common providers, why drag and drop tools have limitations, and understand Nikola’s perspective on the voice industry overall.


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