Interactive voice advert gets 21% engagement

Interactive voice advert gets 21% engagement 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Imagine that 21% of everyone who saw your ad campaign engaged with it. Well, that’s the reality of interactive voice advertising.

Imagine being able to have a conversation with an advert.

Imagine that instead of creating just flat ads that are just one way – people just consume them and that’s it – imagine instead, you could have people actually interacting with your adverts.

Pandora has had interactive ads for a while, but Instreamatic is another platform that you can do interactive ads on and they recently ran an ad campaign, interactive ad campaign, with cherry labs that had a 21% engagement rate!

Imagine 21% of all of the people that either heard or seen or watched your advert, engaged with it.

That’s absolutely incredible.

The challenge with making interactive conversational add more kind of mainstream is that most people are still interacting with content in the channels that they always have done: in the YouTube app in the Facebook app, you know, in your podcast player.

The issue isn’t the capability of technology like Instreamatic to be able to serve and manage interactive audio ads, conversational ads, the issue really is all of the existing channels, all the existing apps, all the existing platforms, where people go and spend time becoming voice-enabled, having the ability for you to put an interactive ad into the platform.

Imagine just walking down the street listening to a podcast in your normal podcast player. And when an ad comes on, you can just interact with it,
rather than needing to go to a specific platform that has that capability built-in.

So I’m excited for conversational advertising. I’m excited for audio and interactive audio ads, but I’m also excited to see the ability and capability for you to actually have the conversation with these adverts come about in the environments where we already spend our time.

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