You don’t need an Alexa skill or a chat bot, you need…

You don’t need an Alexa skill or a chat bot, you need… 1800 1200 Kane Simms

As soon as you start properly examining the potential of conversational AI and voice technology for your business, you find that potential absolutely everywhere.

Every time you touch a system of any kind within the organisation. Any time any customer makes any form of contact with your organisation across any of your channels, there is potential for conversational AI.

You don’t just want to build a chatbot, you want to have a strategy, because you’ll soon realise that conversational AI and implementing conversational AI is exactly the same as implementing any kind of new technology.

Most organisations are trying to modernise themselves, trying to transform digitally. When you try and do that, you come up against the challenges of the organisational culture. You come up against procurement. You have to join teams together from technology to marketing to branding, operations to finance to HR, the whole nine yards because that’s what it takes to transform your organisation.

That’s why they call it digital transformation and conversational AI is not about creating a chatbot. It’s not about creating an Alexa skill. It’s about enabling the organisation to improve, to get itself ready and fit for the 21st century, to create services and products that meet the expectations and the growing expectations of customers and to create working practices that meet the expectations of a never demanding staff base.

And so you might think you need an Alexa skill. You might think you need a chatbot. The reality is, you probably need a strategy, and when you realise that, you’ve got a choice, do you want to take on the challenge? Do you want to try and actually do it because it takes time, it’s complex, could be expensive, involves a lot of people, it involves challenging potentially the very foundations of the culture that your organisation was built on.

Do you want to create long-lasting sustainable change and a culture that will thrive for the next 10, 20 years? Or do you just want to build a chatbot?

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