Digital humans and innovation at Capita with James Brooks

Digital humans and innovation at Capita with James Brooks 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

James Brooks, Innovation Principle, Capita, joins us as he shares his insights into Digital humans and how Capita is approaching conversational AI.

Capita is a large, UK-based BPO and professional services organisation that built its reputation and legacy supplying government technology solutions. Today, Capita is exploring conversational AI and digital humans for a range of use cases and industries. James Brooks, Innovation Principle at Capita, joins us to share more on what he and his team have learned through experimenting with conversational AI, large language models and digital humans.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and Welcome James Brooks
06:55 Interacting with a digital human
09:35 Helping clients get set up easy
16:12 Approaching more complex use cases
19:30 Multi-channel
21:46 ChatGPT and large language models
30:15 Opportunities for digital humans in 2023
33:36 “I want a digital human” “why?”
37:37 Clients using digital humans now
40:20 Starting with websites
43:07 CX Automation in 2023
47:33 The missing piece
53:45 Outro and resources recommended

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