Conversations Squared #3 Esha Metiary

Conversations Squared #3 Esha Metiary 2047 2047 Ben McCulloch

Esha Metiary, Lead Conversation Designer, Bol.com, talks about why some assistants should be prepared to discuss political matters.

Can you imagine talking to a branded bot that doesn’t want to discuss Black Lives Matter when the brand itself promotes those values? The bot is on the front line between customer and brand, so if the brand has those values, surely the bot should represent those values. We talk about this and more!


In this episode

00:00 intro
01:05 30 seconds, go
05:55 what does the term ‘persona’ mean to you?
06:47 what’s the purpose of a bot’s persona?
10:30 the bot is a new employee for the brand
12:28 how should designer envision the bot’s persona?
14:20 what do we mean by ‘political opinions’?
17:05 a question for the bot is a question for the brand
18:16 are bots apolitical from the start?
20:44 should we ignroe the customers when they want a stereotyped personality?
24:18 shouldn’t bots stay out of political discussions?
29:10 could we make a safe space for users where politics isn’t in the discussion?
31:32 how should conversation designers incorporate political material?
35:46 can designers write material that goes against their own politics?
39:30 outro

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