Conversational AI at GoDaddy and beyond with Sonia Talati

Conversational AI at GoDaddy and beyond with Sonia Talati 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Sonia Talati, Senior Manager for Conversation Design at GoDaddy, shares some insights into how GoDaddy uses conversational AI and thoughts on scale.

Sonia Talati is a Senior Manager for Conversation Design at GoDaddy; a speaker and ex-TV anchor with tremendous experience in conversational AI. After co-founding Hereafter, a CAI startup that helps keep the memories of loved ones alive, Sonia now heads up conversation design at the world’s largest website hosting company: GoDaddy.

Sonia joins us to share her experience in conversational AI, as well as how GoDaddy is utilising the technology. We’ll discuss the challenges that experienced conversation designers face today, and the ingredients to scaling a design practice globally.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and Welcome Sonia Talati
06:50 Domain specific conversational AI and Hereafter AI
10:42 Is AI vision lacking in industry?
16:21 AI use cases at GoDaddy
20:11 Assessing use cases
24:25 Where does the GoDaddy chat bot exist?
30:40 Learnings over the past year
33:18 2022 Milestones in conversational AI
35:40 Ethical considerations
39:26 Trends that we will see in 2023
47:02 Measuring success
50:40 Replicating the success of GoDaddy human support
54:10 Outro

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