Learnings from designing over 300 chatbots with Jim-Rowe Bot

Learnings from designing over 300 chatbots with Jim-Rowe Bot 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Jim-Rowe Bot joins Kane-versational AI and talks through what he has learned from the experience of creating over 300 chatbots.

If you’re a keen part of the conversational AI community, you’ll likely know Jim Rowe-Bot. Jim has immense experience in designing conversational AI applications, having worked on over 300 chatbot projects. Jim Rowe-Bot joins Kane-versational AI to chat about lessons learned, best practice and the future of conversational AI.

One of the most interesting parts of this conversation was the piece where we spoke about project management strategies for conversational AI projects and the benefits and drawbacks of waterfall vs agile. A thoroughly interesting conversation.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and Welcome Jim-Rowe- bot
03:30 Linkedin’s conversational Ai community
08:57 ‘I won’t do that again’
10:30 Poor bot deployments
14:57 US vs EMEA assistant personas
18:28 What do good assistants have in common?
21:07 Waterfall vs Agile for conversational AI
24:30 Project management for conversational AI
34:16 Influence vs authority for project management
39:55 Incremental delivery and expectations
45:39 Recommended resources
47:47 Personality design and personas
1:00:47 Outro

Purchase Jim’s ebook “How To Be a Great Conversational Designer“​

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