Conversations Squared #2 – Jason F. Gilbert

Conversations Squared #2 – Jason F. Gilbert 2380 2380 Ben McCulloch

Jason F. Gilbert (aka The BotMan) is the Lead Character Designer at Intuition Robotics. Originally a filmmaker, he’s worked on loads of bots through the years for various brands on chat and voice, as well as digital humans (such as ‘Anna’) and now with ElliQ – a robotic companion for elderly Americans.

We talked about personas, multimodality, TTS and SSML, empathetic bots like ElliQ and more.


In this episode

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:57 Jason’s LinkedIn films on conversation design
  • 01:49 We need to keep asking questions
  • 03:02 About Grice’s cooperative principle
  • 04:04 30 seconds, go! Most useful tool
  • 06:00 Nominate one conversation designer we should all know
  • 08:46 On GPT3
  • 11:20 The danger of conversations designed by algorithms
  • 12:38 How do you ensure your design is good enough?
  • 14:17 Where does a companionship bot like ElliQ fit into user’s lives?
  • 17:13 Tell me about ElliQ’s persona?
  • 19:47 Persona design for transactional bots
  • 21:43 How far should a transactional bot’s persona design go?
  • 24:57 If a bot has a political stance should their bot reflect it?
  • 26:34 What is a bot for?
  • 28:31 Using Microsoft Azure TTS to empathise with users
  • 32:39 Are users more comfortable sharing with ElliQ?
  • 34:33 Empathetic bots have great value
  • 37:51 What modalities does ElliQ have?
  • 38:45 Are the lights part of ElliQ’s interactions?
  • 40:05 How do you design multimodally?
  • 44:17 you start with script, then voice, then gestures?
  • 46:15 Do you want to break the illusion?
  • 47:19 How does ElliQ adapt to repeat users?


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