Voice AI that detects your tone of voice with Sean Austin, CEO, Helios

Voice AI that detects your tone of voice with Sean Austin, CEO, Helios 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Sean Austin, CEO, Helios joins us to give an insight on how Voice AI is working to be able to detect what the tone of your voice is.

What if you could detect the tone of voice of callers and figure out whether they’re lying or telling the truth? Whether they’re confident or bullsh*tting. This is voice AI taken to a new level.

We’re joined by Helios Life Enterprises co-founder and CEO, Sean Austin, to learn more.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and conversational commerce webinar. Find out more: https://vux.world/conversational-commerce-how-ai-powered-digital-workers-can-boost-sales/
01:50 All about Sean and Helios
04:05 What does ‘Helios’ mean?
05:40 How tones change meaning
08:41 Insights in tone detection use cases
10:34 What’s an equity analyst?
13:00 Transparency
16:02 Finding merger and acquisition indicators
22:48 Training a model to detect the meaning of tone
25:46 Practical research into tone of voice
30:20 Understanding different voices and tones
33:26 Competition
38:29 How was all the research funded?
42:32 Questions asked by customers
46:01 Differences between tone and sentiment analysis
50:17 Where Helios could go in the future
55:53 Moving into different use cases and ethics
1:00:35 Outro

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