Conversations Squared #6 Kane Simms

Conversations Squared #6 Kane Simms 2380 2380 Ben McCulloch

Oh wow, is that the time?! VUX World has been going for 5 years!

For this episode of Conversations Squared the focus is on the man who’s usually asking the questions – Kane Simms!

What’s he learned in the past 5 years? Where’s the industry headed? What about Alexa and Google Assistant?

Listen to Kane’s responses to these questions and more…


In this episode

0:00 Intro
4:00 Conversations and listening
7:00 We need patience for conversational AI
9:00 30 seconds, go!
11:10 What surprised you most about the industry when you started VUX World?
17:45 What do the words ‘artificial intelligence’ make you think?
20:55 Can you summarise the developments you’ve seen in the last 5 years?
26:15 Channels for enterprise conversational AI
30:35 Was the timing bad for Alexa and Google Assistant?
33:00 What inspires you to keep going forward?
36:20 What excites Ben about the industry?
38:40 The potential of conversational AI
39:30 Outro

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