Live video broadcasting on Alexa with Tim McElreath

The Food Network aims to the be Peloton of cooking with live video broadcasting on Alexa. Director of Technology and Emerging Platforms at Discovery Inc., Tim McElreath, joins us to share…

Voice search is real and Google is concerned

Voice search is happening. And Google is under threat. Not short term threat but long term threat. There’s a new search provider in town and it’s name is Alexa.

Amazon Alexa Super Bowl ad 2020

Transcript: Amazon have released a preview of its Super Bowl advert and it was aired on The Ellen Degeneres Show. DeGeneres? I think it’s DeGeneres. Is that how you pronounce… with Sarah Andrew Wilson

Sarah Andrew Wilson, Chief Content Officer at, shares the secret sauce for creating the kind of Alexa skills you can build a business on.

Not so bold predictions for voice in 2020

So, here we are. The end of 2019. And it’s time for some click bait regarding 2020 voice-first industry predictions. I told you to prepare for this a few weeks…