Alexa for caregiving with Mark Gray

Alexa for caregiving with Mark Gray 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Learn how Alexa is making lives easier for older adults and explore the opportunity in creating voice first services for the ageing population.


Alexa for caregiving

In this episode, we’re joined by Constant Companion CEO, Mark Gray, to discuss the opportunities and need for creating voice-first services for older adults.

Constant Companion are providing voice OS access to care homes, retirement centres and individuals across the US, with demand for its services increasing exponentially this year. For a small monthly fee, your gran, grandad, parent or friend, can have an Alexa-enabled device installed and set up in their home that runs on top of the Constant Companion OS.

Make calls, automate tasks, stay connected, be entertained, all safely and securely behind military-grade security. What else would you expect from Mark Gray, career-long cyber security expert.

Mark join us this week to share the opportunities that exist in providing accessible, voice-based services to older adults. With an ageing population of folks who don’t think of themselves as ‘old’, and that hold almost 80% of America’s disposable income, what can you create for these voice tech-adopting, connection craving early adopters?


Constant Companion

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