The Rundown: What’s Algolia upto?

The Rundown: What’s Algolia upto? 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Learn how Algolia is stepping up the conversational search game with its new suite of products.


Algolia uses Open AI to up the conversational AI search game

Algolia announced a suite of AI products that help make the search experience more natural and simpler, as well as adding immense power to chat bots and voice bots.

In this episode, we run through the new updates and discuss their importance and usefulness for the voice industry.

We discuss:

Algolia Understand: The new Natural Language Understanding API from Algolia.

The new API from Algolia that offers Alexa-like natural language understanding. Understand your users’ intents, increase conversion – in search experiences, or anywhere else.

Algolia Answers: The best technologies from Algolia and OpenAI to answer the most difficult natural language questions.

Algolia Answers finds not just the document, but the exact answer that best responds to the searcher’s question. Q&A adds real-world semantic knowledge to tunable textual relevance to find answers deep within unstructured content.

Algolia Dynamic Synonym Suggestions: Find the best content on every search.

Let AI learn from how your users rewrite their queries to suggest synonyms, so next time they don’t have to rewrite.


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