How we won the Alexa Prize Social Bot Grand Challenge with Jan Šedivý

How we won the Alexa Prize Social Bot Grand Challenge with Jan Šedivý 1600 1200 Kane Simms

Voice AI veteran, Jan Šedivý, join us to share how his Czech Technical University team won the Alexa Prize Social Bot Grand Challenge.

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Alexa Social Bot Grand Challenge, 20 minute conversations with bots

Jan Sedivy is a legend in the voice AI space, with vast experience working on speech systems at IBM and Google. He recently guided the Czech Technical University team in winning the Alexa Prize SocialBot Grand Challenge 4; a competition where contestants from Universities across the globe aimed to design a conversational AI that’s able to hold a conversation for 20 minutes.

Jan joins us to share the journey through the Alexa Prize, how the team approached the project, lessons learned and conversation design tips geared to increase engagement with AI bots. He also shares some insights from his career in voice tech and his latest venture, Promethist AI.




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