Enterprise conversation design best practice with Celene Osiecka, Sr Director Conversation Design, [24]7.ai

Enterprise conversation design best practice with Celene Osiecka, Sr Director Conversation Design, [24]7.ai 1600 1200 Kane Simms

Celene Osiecka joins us to share tips and insights on designing conversations at scale, teamwork, personality and talent.

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Conversation design for enterprise

Senior Director of Conversation Design at [24]7.ai, Celene Osiecka joins us to share best practice on conversation design at scale for enterprise.

Celene Osiecka is part of a rare breed of conversation designers with 10 year’s experience. Although conversation design has been a practice for decades, it’s only recently that the term has become solidified as its begun to reach mainstream awareness.

This is in part due to the rise in popularity of chatbots since 2016, and also due to the wide adoption of voice assistants on mobile and smart speakers. However, even the early adopters of those platforms still only have 5 year’s experience at best.

So whenever you have the opportunity to speak to someone who has an unusual amount of experience across all kinds of conversational interfaces, you know you’re in for a treat.

We chatted to Celene about:

  • The maturity of the conversation design practice
  • Celene’s experience and about [24]7.ai
  • Examples of new conversation design new best practice
  • Personality design and the role it plays in conversation design
  • Best practice and challenges when designing in teams
  • The future of the conversation design role


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