Amazon Echo Show: TV 3.0?

Amazon Echo Show: TV 3.0? 2191 1242 Kane Simms

Is the Amazon echo show TV 3.0?

I remember back in 2018. I used to use this slide as a way of explaining that smart speakers are kind of like radio or 2.0.

In the U.S., at the time, there were more smart speakers than DAB digital radios and most people listen to them to play music and to listen to the radio.

I also remember me and Dustin having a conversation on the podcast in 2018 about the potential for the Echo Show to displace kitchen TVs.

At the time, it had access to YouTube, that was later since removed.

The newer one, the Show 2, with Prime video was pretty good.

But Prime video is not perfect. The the content on Prime video is not ideal.

And so it’s not at the point yet where it will replace kitchen TVs, but the new Echo Show with Zoom integration and Netflix, that really does change things. Maybe incrementally, but it does change things.

My son is 2 and the only thing he uses the Echo Show for is Prime video.

He watches cartoons when he’s eating his food and things like that. That’s the only thing he uses it for and, to be honest, when we’re cooking, that’s exactly what we use it for. We’ll stick a film on or something like that.

So for us, it kind of already has replaced the TV and I think that will do two things: one is it’ll get people more comfortable talking to screens, which means that that behavior my transition across to the TV in the living room and two, it increases usage and confidence.

So what do you think, is the Echo Show TV 2.0?

Maybe Smart TVs are TV 2.0. Maybe Echo Show is TV 3.0. What do you think?

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