Samsung Bixby: Your questions answered with Bob Stalzberg and Roger Kibbe

Samsung Bixby: Your questions answered with Bob Stalzberg and Roger Kibbe 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Samsung has opened up Bixby to developers, so we’ve rounded up two Samsung Bixby Developer Experts, Bob Stalzberg and Roger Kibbe, to get to the heart of what this means for the voice community.

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About our guests

Roger Kibbe is a thought leader and speaker: accomplished and sought-after speaker at industry leading conferences including NRF, Dreamforce, and VMWorld, as well as the Principle and Chief Voice of VoiceCraft.ai, which provides business and technology voice strategy consulting, develops voice applications and provides voice education.

After spending 20 years working in the enterprise IT field, Bob Stolzberg founded VoiceXP, the voice first company that helps businesses create efficiencies and increase productivity through voice. Bob and his team work with enterprise clients and SMEs to implement Alexa for Business within organisations. From designing and building specific skills for clients, to the full implementation of the devices and platform.


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