Don’t sleep on Bixby

Don’t sleep on Bixby 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Samsung has a twenty percent market share in smartphones. Obviously, we know that lots of people have Samsung smartphones.

It also has a 20 percent market share in TVs, not to mention washing machines washer/dryers fridges and other household appliances.

And I’ve taken a look at the Bixby developer portal, and having to look at all of the things that it can do and how really straightforward it is as well, it’s not that hard for developers and brands to hop on board.

That’s the bell ringing the announcement.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a challenge there for Samsung. All of those Samsung phones all have Google Assistant on them. And Google has been working really hard to make sure that, when you think about enabling a voice assistant or activating a voice assistant, you say ‘Hey Google’.

But what Samsung does have that Google don’t have and that Amazon doesn’t have is a suite of in-home consumer electronics and a customer base that really trust those electronics.

I know people who will not have another TV apart a Samsung TV.

So if they can crack that. If they can crack the TV and they can get people talking to their in home devices, Samsung could be a real, real contender.

So if you haven’t checked out the Bixby developer portal yet, check it out try and get your head around it. It’s a little bit different to the mental model that we used to when it comes to building Alexa skills and Google actions, but they’ve got a whole evangelist team now. Roger Kibbe. Shout out to Roger, who are really helpful and on hand to help out with whatever you need.

So this week make that a little task. Create an account in the Samsung Bixby portal have a look at some of the documentation see what you think.

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