When can we advertise on Alexa?

When can we advertise on Alexa? 1800 1200 Kane Simms

“When will we see advertising on Alexa?”

If you’re thinking this, you’re missing the point.

The internet has caused entire industries to be disrupted:

🚕 Uber
✈️ SkyScanner
🏨 Airbnb
💻 Amazon
💳 Monzo

Just a few examples of companies that have forced incumbents to radically change the way they operate, communicate, the products they sell and how they sell them.

Voice will do the same.

The top 10 skills on the Alexa skill store in the US, there are only two branded Alexa skills.

That’s not because brands aren’t creating voice apps, it’s because users don’t care about your brand.

They care about the experience you provide or the job you let them do.

If you’re thinking that your product or brand is strong enough to interrupt people on the most personal communication channel in history, I’m afraid you’re wrong.

Instead, consider who your users are, what they need you to represent, and then how you can provide genuine value or be useful. If you’re not useful, you’ll struggle.

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